Elena Beelaerts is a visual artist. Drawing is the basis of all her work. Gradually these drawings emerge from paper to become collages, installation, video. She collaborates and combines many disciplines to create events, 'living collages'.

2005, mixed media, 30x35cm


Preparaten (2005-2007)

a group of works using the idea of the small glass plates one uses for microscopic research. These works are engraved on and collage between glass. Various themes ranging from love, bacteria, John the Baptist to tomatoes. The glass is fixed in a brass armature and can flip over to show the two sides.

Handel & Wandel

Loop mee donderdag 24 april met de muzikale wandeltocht Handel&Wandel en breng het Paleis voor Volksvlijt terug naar het Frederiksplein Amsterdam

24 April 16-18 uur  start Nieuwerbrugsteeg

met Samira Dainan, Kay Krijnen, Bart de Kater, Joris van Beek, Amsterdams Andalusisch Orkest o.a.



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